bioden.std — Standard Methods

Author:Serrano Pereira
Date:February 18, 2015

Module Contents

class bioden.std.ProgressDialogHandler(dialog=None)[source]

This class allows you to control the progress dialog from a separate thread.


Add text to the progress dialog’s details text box.


Increase the progress bar’s fraction. Calling this method causes the progress bar to fill a portion of the bar. This method takes care of calculating the right fraction. If action is supplied, the progress dialog’s action string is set to action.


Set the progress dialog’s action string to text. This action string is showed in italics below the progress bar.


Set the total number of steps for the progress.

update(fraction, action=None)[source]

Set the progress dialog’s progress bar fraction to fraction. The value of fraction should be between 0.0 and 1.0. Optionally set the current action to action, a short string explaining the current action.

The “progress-dialog” configuration must be set to an instance of setlyze.gui.ProgressDialog for this to work. If no progress dialog is set, nothing will happen.

class bioden.std.Sender[source]
new(object_type:GType, parameters:list)

Return the median of a series of numbers.


Return the float from a number which uses a comma as the decimal separator.